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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get a Trash Cart?

Yes! We provide a 96 gallon roll-cart with your subscription to curbside service.

Do we have a Holiday Schedule?

Generally the only holidays we do not run our routes on are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day.

What Items Are Not Recyclable?

Empty containers from any type of hazardous material (gasoline, pool chemicals, etc.)
If you are not sure about an item please contact the office for more information.
What Items Do You Accept For Recycling?

Paper (Office/Newspaper/Magazine)
Plastic (Must Have A HDPE Symbol On It)
Metal (Food Cans)
Do You Provide Bins For Recycle Pickup?

Yes. Please contact the office for details. You can also use your own containers for recycle pickup as long as they are properly labeled “recycle”.
What About Items That Do Not Fit In The Roll-Cart?

Excess garbage should be placed inside of a plastic bag and set beside the roll-cart. Our drivers monitor their routes and if set-aside garbage becomes a regular occurrence then we will contact you discuss increasing service to accommodate your needs.

Large bulk items such as empty cardboard boxes should be broken down and set beside the roll-cart.

Large items such as such as furniture can be picked up with prior notification. Please contact the office and schedule any bulk item pickup.